GRE Word List


to tear or split apart or open

The meaning of the word rip is to tear or split apart or open.

Random words

amphitheateran oval or circular building with rising tiers of seats ranged about an open space and used in ancient Rome especially for contests and spectacles
temperamentcharacteristic or habitual inclination or mode of emotional response
marrowbone marrow
unrulynot readily ruled, disciplined, or managed
bourgeoisof, relating to, or characteristic of the social middle class
frenziedfeeling or showing great or abnormal excitement or emotional disturbance
sallowany of several Old World broad-leaved willows (such as Salix caprea) including important sources of charcoal and tanbark
ultimatelast in a progression or series : final
feignto give a false appearance of : induce as a false impression
mata piece of coarse, woven, plaited, or felted fabric used especially as a floor covering or a support