GRE Word List


immoral or dissolute person

The meaning of the word rake is immoral or dissolute person.

Random words

sensitizationprocess of being made sensitive or acutely responsive to an external agent or substance; V. sensitize: make or become sensitive
seasonalof a particular season; Ex. seasonal rise in employment
oustexpel; drive out; force out; N. ouster: ousting
stockstandard; kept regularly in stock or supply; typical; routine; common; Ex. stock sizes of paper; Ex. stock excuse/character; N: goods for sale in a shop; OP. unique
slitherslip or slide
catalystagent which brings about a chemical change while it remains unaffected and unchanged; CF. catalysis
ferretdrive or hunt out of hiding; hunt with ferrets; drive out (as from a hiding place); expel; uncover or discover by searching; Ex. ferret out the secret; N. small fierce animal which catches rats and rabbits by going into their holes
legacygift made by a will; something handed down from an ancestor
extrapolationprojection; conjecture; V. extrapolate: infer (unknown information) from known information