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GRE Word List


not able to be traveled or crossed

The meaning of the word impassable is not able to be traveled or crossed.

Random words

treadwalk; trample; N: grooved face of a tire; horizontal part of a step
litotesunderstatement for emphasis; Ex. ``not bad(=pretty good)''
trystmeeting arranged by lovers; arrangement between lovers to meet
concordharmony; accord
smotherkill from lack of air; suppress; cover thickly; Ex. smothered in little stickers
futileuseless; hopeless; ineffectual
whiffpuff or gust (of air, scent, etc.); short-lasting smell; hint; Ex. whiff of perfume/scandal
exceptionableobjectionable; likely to cause dislike; offensive; CF. unexceptionable: entirely acceptable
executorperson designated to execute the terms of a will; 예술 작품의 제작자
hindsightunderstanding the nature of an event after it has actually happened