GRE Word List


the quality or state of being straight

The meaning of the word rectitude is the quality or state of being straight.

Random words

megalomaniaa mania (see mania
riveta headed pin or bolt of metal used for uniting two or more pieces by passing the shank through a hole in each piece and then beating or pressing down the plain end so as to make a second head
chassisthe supporting frame of a structure (such as an automobile or television)
archetypethe original pattern or model of which all things of the same type are representations or copies : prototype
dormantrepresented on a coat of arms in a lying position with the head on the forepaws
heedlessnot taking heed : inconsiderate
myriadten thousand
illimitableincapable of being limited or bounded : measureless
asinineextremely or utterly foolish or silly
obliviouslacking remembrance, memory, or mindful attention