GRE Word List


story-teller; one who tells stories with wit and skill

The meaning of the word raconteur is story-teller; one who tells stories with wit and skill.

Random words

wrinklesmall ridge on a smooth surface (face or cloth); V.
quixoticidealistic but impractical; CF. Don Quixote
mockridicule; deride; imitate often in derision
paradoxsomething apparently contradictory in nature (that may nonetheless be true); statement that looks false but is actually correct
bulliongold and silver in the form of bars
amenitiesconvenient features that helps to make life pleasant; social courtesies
mundaneworldly as opposed to spiritual; everyday; of the ordinary; Ex. mundane existence; CF. world
extrapolationprojection; conjecture; V. extrapolate: infer (unknown information) from known information
defilepollute; make filthy or dirty; corrupt morally; profane; desecrate; N: narrow passage or gorge through mountains
embroilthrow into confusion; involve in strife, dispute, or quarrel; entangle; CF. imbroglio