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GRE Word List


metal-bearing vein(long deposit of an ore)

The meaning of the word lode is metal-bearing vein(long deposit of an ore).

Random words

predeterminedetermine in advance; predestine; settle or decide beforehand; influence markedly
amorphousformless; lacking shape or definition
overseewatch over and direct; supervise; N. oversight: unintentional failure to notice or do something; supervision
vernalpertaining to spring
asymmetricnot identical on both sides of a dividing central line
rusticatebanish to the country; dwell in the country
unisonunity of pitch (in musical performance); complete accord; Ex. The choir sang in unison.
intimidatefrighten; N. intimidation
indubitableunable to be doubted; which cannot be doubted; unquestionable
drosswaste matter; worthless impurities