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GRE Word List


tropical hurricane or cyclone

The meaning of the word typhoon is tropical hurricane or cyclone.

Random words

smotherkill from lack of air; suppress; cover thickly; Ex. smothered in little stickers
subsidydirect financial aid by government, etc.; V. subsidize: assist with a subsidy
seedyrun-down; decrepit; disreputable; having many seeds; Ex. seedy downtown hotel
arborealof or living in trees
gazetteofficial periodical publication; newspaper
fortuitousaccidental; by chance; N. fortuity
deferencecourteous regard for another's wish; courteous yielding to another's wish or opinion (showing respect); ADJ. deferential; OP. effrontery
astutewise; shrewd; keen; seeing quickly something that is to one's advantage
nonsensespeech or writing with no meaning; foolish behavior or language; Ex. make (a) nonsense of: spoil; cause to fail
centrifugemachine that separates substances by whirling them