GRE Word List


adapted for seizing or grasping especially by wrapping around

The meaning of the word prehensile is adapted for seizing or grasping especially by wrapping around.

Random words

aridexcessively dry
hoverto position (a computer cursor) over something (such as an image or icon) without selecting it
militiaa part of the organized armed forces of a country liable to call only in emergency
mingleto bring or mix together or with something else usually without fundamental loss of identity : intermix
oratorone who delivers an oration
glareto shine with a harsh uncomfortably brilliant light
quotidianoccurring every day
biliousof or relating to a yellow or greenish fluid that is secreted by the liver and that aids especially in the emulsification and absorption of fats : of or relating to bile (see bile
clota portion of a substance adhering together in a thick nondescript mass (as of clay or gum)