GRE Word List


showing insight and understanding : discriminating

The meaning of the word discerning is showing insight and understanding : discriminating.

Random words

opaqueblocking the passage of radiant energy and especially light : exhibiting opacity (see opacity
ineffableincapable of being expressed in words : indescribable
materialisma theory that physical matter is the only or fundamental reality and that all being and processes and phenomena can be explained as manifestations or results of matter (see matter
invalidnot valid:
pana usually broad, shallow, and open container for domestic use (as for cooking)
impetuousmarked by impulsive vehemence or passion
effeminatehaving feminine qualities untypical of a man : not manly in appearance or manner
figmentsomething made up or contrived
idlenot occupied or employed: such as
abashto destroy the self-possession or self-confidence of (someone) : disconcert