GRE Word List


be a sign of; foreshadow

The meaning of the word prefigure is be a sign of; foreshadow.

Random words

enamoredin love; Ex. enamored of his own beauty; V. enamor: inspire with love
fleckspot; mark with flecks; N: small mark or spot
primordialexisting at the beginning (of time); rudimentary
impeachcharge (a public official) with crime in office; raise doubts about; indict; Ex. impeach a witness's credibility
tremuloustrembling; wavering
raptengrossed; absorbed; enchanted; Ex. rapt listener
repastmeal; feast; banquet
hoardstockpile; accumulate for future use; N: supply stored for future use
exceptexclude; N. exception: objection; exclusion; ADJ. exceptional: unusual; of unusually high quality
charismadivine gift; great popular charm or appeal; magnetism