GRE Word List


face courageously; Ex. brave the storm

The meaning of the word brave is face courageously; Ex. brave the storm.

Random words

subordinateoccupying a lower rank; inferior; submissive; N. V: put in a lower rank or class
raveoverwhelmingly favorable review; V: talk wildly as if mad; Ex. raving lunatic
gleangather leavings; gather grain left behind by reapers; gather bit by bit (facts or information) often with difficulty
contrabandillegal trade; smuggling; smuggled goods; ADJ.
slinkmove furtively; ADJ. slinky: stealthy; furtive; sneaky (as in ambush)
chastisepunish as by beating; criticize severely
retortquick sharp reply; V.
knelltolling of a bell especially to indicate a funeral, disaster, etc.; sound of the funeral bell; V.
appalldismay; shock deeply
succorassist (someone in difficulty); aid; comfort; N.