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GRE Word List


having absolute unchecked power; dictatorial; N. autocrat, autocracy

The meaning of the word autocratic is having absolute unchecked power; dictatorial; N. autocrat, autocracy.

Random words

weatherpass safely through (a storm or difficult period); endure the effects of weather or other forces
daubsmear (as with paint); cover with something sticky; Ex. daub one's clothes with mud/paint; N: small bit of sticky substance; Ex. a daub of paint
blanchbleach; whiten; make white or pale
transcribecopy; write a copy of; N. transcription
plumppleasantly fat; nicely rounded
secreteconceal; hide away or cache; produce and release a substance into an organism; CF. secretive
frivolouslacking in seriousness; flippant; self-indulgently carefree; unworthy of serious attention; relatively unimportant; trivial
addictioncompulsive habitual need
congruentin agreement; harmonious; corresponding; coinciding exactly; CF. congruous