GRE Word List


of, relating to, or being an autocracy : absolute

The meaning of the word autocratic is of, relating to, or being an autocracy : absolute.

Random words

chapela subordinate or private place of worship: such as
indentationthe blank space produced by indenting : indention
inceptionan act, process, or instance of beginning : commencement
absolveto set (someone) free from an obligation or the consequences of guilt
incorporateto unite or work into something already existent so as to form an indistinguishable whole
notableworthy of note : remarkable
colossusa statue of gigantic size and proportions
vieto strive for superiority : contend
harpinga plucked stringed instrument consisting of a resonator, an arched or angled neck that may be supported by a post, and strings of graded length that are perpendicular to the soundboard
gargoylea spout in the form of a grotesque human or animal figure projecting from a roof gutter to throw rainwater clear of a building