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GRE Word List


external; not essential or inherent; extraneous; OP. intrinsic

The meaning of the word extrinsic is external; not essential or inherent; extraneous; OP. intrinsic.

Random words

precipicecliff; dangerous position; Ex. on the edge of the precipice
carpingpetty criticism; fault-finding; fretful complaining; quibble
obviatemake unnecessary; get rid of; Ex. obviate the need
interloperintruder; one who interferes
contravenecontradict; oppose; violate (a rule, law, or custom); N. contravention
predecessorformer occupant of a post
mogulpowerful person; Ex. oil moguls; CF. Mogol, Moghul; CF. Mongolian
hoardstockpile; accumulate for future use; N: supply stored for future use
flamboyantornate; highly elaborate; richly colored; ostentatious; showy; CF. flame
lopegallop slowly