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GRE Word List


pertaining to disease; N. pathology: study of disease

The meaning of the word pathological is pertaining to disease; N. pathology: study of disease.

Random words

intransigencerefusal of any compromise; stubbornness; ADJ. intransigent: uncompromising
scorenumber of points; written form of a musical composition; reason; group of 20; notch or incision; Ex. full/vocal score; Ex. Don't worry on that score; V: mark with lines or notches; Ex. score the paper to make it easy to fold
enthrallcapture; enslave; captivate; hold the complete attention of (as if magic); hold spellbound
succulentjuicy; full of juice or sap; full of richness; N: succulent plant such as a cactus
indeterminateuncertain; not clearly fixed; indefinite
acneskin disease (on the face)
perceptiveinsightful; showing a good ability at perceiving and understanding; aware; wise; of perception
sinecurewell-paid position with little responsibility; CF. sine cure: without care; CF. San Serif
inquisitiveeager for knowledge; unduly curious
touchingcausing a feeling of pity or sympathy; pathetic; V. touch: cause to feel pity or sympathy; ADJ. touched