GRE Word List


assist usually in doing something wrong; encourage

The meaning of the word abet is assist usually in doing something wrong; encourage.

Random words

promulgateannounce; proclaim a doctrine or law; make known by official publication
duressforcible restraint, especially unlawfully; coercion by threat; illegal coercion; Ex. a promise made under duress
scapegoatsomeone who bears the blame for others; whipping boy; CF. escape+goat
rusetrick to deceive; stratagem
charmake or become black by burning; reduce or be reduced to carbon or charcoal(black substance made by burning wood) by incomplete combustion
devisethink up; invent; plan; bequeath; N: bequest
invertturn upside down or inside out; reverse the position or condition of
putrescentbecoming putrid; putrefying
regimentmilitary unit; V: subject to strict order; Ex. regimented society
extant(of something written or painted) still in existence