GRE Word List


hard; inflexible

The meaning of the word adamant is hard; inflexible.

Random words

arduoushard; strenuous; Ex. arduous work
dabblework at in a nonserious fashion; splash around; move noisily in a liquid
mincingaffectedly dainty(delicate); V. mince: cut (esp. meat) into very small pieces; walk with exaggerated primness; walk in an unnatural way, taking little short steps; Ex. The actor minced across the stage; CF. mincemeat; CF. mincer
hoaxtrick which makes someone take action; practical joke; Ex. hoax mail; V.
nirvanain Buddhist teachings, the ideal state in which the individual loses himself in the attainment of an impersonal beatitude
coteriegroup that meets socially; select circle; close group of people with shared interests
sustenancesustaining; means of livelihood, support, food, nourishment; something that maintains life; food
bidcommand; utter (a greeting); offer as a price; N: offer of a price; amount offered; earnest effort to gain something; Ex. bid for freedom