GRE Word List


enthusiastic applause

The meaning of the word ovation is enthusiastic applause.

Random words

magnitudegreatness (in size or extent); extent
uxoriousexcessively submissive or devoted to one's wife; CF. uxor: wife
concordharmony; accord
sophistteacher of philosophy; quibbler; employer of fallacious reasoning; N. sophism: plausible but fallacious argument
pangsudden sharp feeling of pain
cankerany ulcerous sore; ulcer; any evil; CF. cancer
inklinghint; slight indication
corpusclered or white cell in the blood
dissolutiondisintegration; reduction to a liquid form; looseness in morals; sensual indulgence; debauchery; ADJ. dissolute: lacking in moral restraint; leading an immoral life
maroonleave helpless on a deserted island or coast; ADJ. red brown