GRE Word List



The meaning of the word credence is belief.

Random words

analgesiacondition of being unable to feel pain
mosaicpicture made of small colorful inlaid tiles; ADJ.
polyglotspeaking several languages; multilingual; Ex. polyglot person/society; N.
procurementobtaining; V. procure: obtain by effort; obtain (a prostitute) for another
grandiloquent(of a person or speech) using high sounding or important-sounding language; pompous; bombastic
schismdivision into factions (esp. within a religious body); split
modishfashionable; conforming to the current fashion
genericcharacteristic of an entire class or species; of a genus
sequesterisolate; segregate; seclude; retire from public life
acute(of the senses) sharp; quickly perceptive; keen; penetrating; brief and severe; Ex. acute sense of smell/analysis/pain