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GRE Word List


deduce; conclude; N. inference

The meaning of the word infer is deduce; conclude; N. inference.

Random words

analogysimilarity; parallelism; comparing two similar things
gerontologystudy of the sociological phenomena associated with old age
peerlesshaving no equal; incomparable
cowershrink quivering as from fear; cringe
maceratesoften by soaking in liquid; waste away; Ex. macerate powdered wood to make paper
frigidintensely cold; cold in manner; Ex. frigid zone
lustrousshining; brilliant; Ex. lustrous hair
aproposwith reference to; regarding; Ex. remarks apropos (of) the present situation; ADJ. ADV.
dinghysmall boat (often ship's boat)
agnosticone who is skeptical of the existence or knowability of a god or any ultimate reality