GRE Word List


the smallest part or particle imaginable : bit

The meaning of the word whit is the smallest part or particle imaginable : bit.

Random words

sublimeto cause to pass directly from the solid to the vapor state and condense back to solid form
recalcitrantobstinately defiant of authority or restraint
crossa structure consisting of an upright with a transverse beam used especially by the ancient Romans for execution
inertlacking the power to move
centrifugea machine using centrifugal force for separating substances of different densities, for removing moisture, or for simulating gravitational effects
ardoran often restless or transitory warmth of feeling
turmoila state or condition of extreme confusion, agitation, or commotion
shrewany of a family (Soricidae) of small chiefly nocturnal insectivores related to the moles and distinguished by a long pointed snout, very small eyes, and short velvety fur
factiousof or relating to faction: such as
purveyorone that purveys