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GRE Word List


generator for producing electricity; energetic person

The meaning of the word dynamo is generator for producing electricity; energetic person.

Random words

idiomexpression whose meaning as a whole differs from the meanings of its individual words; distinctive style (of expression); Ex. idiom of the modern popular music; ADJ. idiomatic
crypticmysterious; hidden; secret
conscientiousscrupulous; through and careful; Ex. conscientious worker
corrugatedwrinkled; ridged
disengageuncouple; separate; disconnect; stop fighting; OP. engage
confluenceflowing together; the place where two rivers flow together; crowd; gathering together
effervescenceinner excitement or exuberance; showing high spirits; emitting bubbles forming inside; bubbling from fermentation or carbonation; ADJ. effervescent; V. effervesce
scapegoatsomeone who bears the blame for others; whipping boy; CF. escape+goat
ursinebearlike; pertaining to a bear
utopiaideal place, state, or society; ADJ. utopian

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