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GRE Word List


offensive; disagreeable; Ex. obnoxious smell

The meaning of the word obnoxious is offensive; disagreeable; Ex. obnoxious smell.

Random words

matriculateenroll (in college or graduate school); CF. matrix
seasonalof a particular season; Ex. seasonal rise in employment
snubignore or behave coldly toward; Ex. I made a suggestion but she snubbed me; N.
scantymeager; insufficient
boguscounterfeit; not authentic; intentionally false; Ex. bogus interview
catharsispurging or cleansing of any passage of the body; purging and weakening of strong emotions as a result of experiencing a dramatic work of art
slaphit quickly with the flat part of the hand; N. CF. smack
exquisitedelicate; very finely made; extremely beautiful; Ex. exquisite piece of jewelry
inasmuch_assince; owing to the fact that