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GRE Word List


essence; main point; substance

The meaning of the word gist is essence; main point; substance.

Random words

ceremoniousmarked by formality; extremely formal and polite; CF. ceremony: conventional social courtesy
concessionan act of yielding; conceding; something conceded; point, right, etc. given unwillingly; privilege of maintaining a business in a certain place; Ex. oil concessions in the North sea; CF. concessionaire
residualremaining; left over; of a residue; N: residue
larcenytheft; Ex. petit larceny
glareshine intensely and blindingly; stare fixedly and angrily; N.
precludemake impossible; prevent; exclude; eliminate
enterprisingfull of initiative; showing enterprise
gougeovercharge (with high price); extort from; Ex. gouge the public; CF. usury
knelltolling of a bell especially to indicate a funeral, disaster, etc.; sound of the funeral bell; V.
nonchalanceindifference; lack of concern; composure; ADJ. nonchalant: unconcerned; cool; indifferent; Ex. nonchalant attitude to his debts

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