GRE Word List


swindle or cheat; N: wedgelike tool for cutting

The meaning of the word chisel is swindle or cheat; N: wedgelike tool for cutting.

Random words

connoisseurperson competent to act as a judge of art, etc. (whose judgments are respected); a lover of an art
referendumdirect vote by all the people
promoteadvance in rank; advance; help to flourish; advocate; help actively in forming; publicize or popularize; Ex. Milk promotes health; Ex. promote a match/bill; Ex. promote a new product
glossysmooth and shining; N. gloss: shiny brightness on a surface; superficially attractive appearance; Ex. gloss of good manners
causalimplying a cause-and-effect relationship; N. causality
congruencecorrespondence of parts; harmonious relationship; CF. congruity
manneredaffected; not natural; Ex. mannered way of speech
whiffpuff or gust (of air, scent, etc.); short-lasting smell; hint; Ex. whiff of perfume/scandal
robuststrong; vigorous
dioramalife-size, three-dimensional scene from nature or history; three-dimensional scene with modeled figures against a painted background