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GRE Word List


inflated; exaggerated

The meaning of the word overblown is inflated; exaggerated.

Random words

polygamistone who has more than one spouse at a time; CF. bigamy; CF. polyandry
glazecover with a thin and shiny surface; apply a glaze to; N: thin, smooth, shiny coating (as for pottery); Ex. unglazed pottery
linguisticpertaining to language
outrageact of extreme violence or viciousness; resentful anger; V: commit an outrage on; produce anger in; ADJ. outrageous: offensive
apiaristperson who keeps bees
ephemeralshort-lived; fleeting
celibateabstaining from sexual intercourse; unmarried; N. celibacy
postureassume an affected pose; act artificially; N: pose; attitude
incorporealwithout a material body; insubstantial
wardadministrative division of a city; division in a hospital or prison; incompetent person placed under the protection of a guardian; V: guard; ward off: avert