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GRE Word List


something that nourishes; food

The meaning of the word nourishment is something that nourishes; food.

Random words

ludicrouslaughable; ridiculous; trifling
unsullieduntarnished; CF. sully
sectarianof a sect; narrow-minded; parochial; N: member of a sect; narrow-minded person
voluptuoussensual; of or giving sensual pleasure; indulging in sensual pleasures; Ex. voluptuous lines; Ex. voluptuous life of the Romans; N. voluptuary: voluptuous person
insurrectionrebellion; uprising
corpusclered or white cell in the blood
seducelead away from proper conduct; entice; ADJ. seductive
nauseafeeling of sickness and desire to vomit; disgust; CF. seasickness
torpedounderwater explosive apparatus; V.
prerogativeprivilege; unquestionable right; CF. ask before