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GRE Word List


distasteful; disagreeable; morally offensive; Ex. unsavory activity/reputation

The meaning of the word unsavory is distasteful; disagreeable; morally offensive; Ex. unsavory activity/reputation.

Random words

elaboratework out carefully; add more detail or information; ADJ.
afflictionstate of distress; trial; cause of distress or suffering; V. afflict: inflict grievous suffering on
soundin good condition; showing good judgment or good sense; thorough; complete; Ex. sound mind/investment/training
furrowlong shallow trench made by a plow; deep wrinkle in the skin; V.
shufflemix together; jumble; move (something) from one place to another; slide (the feet) along the ground while walking; Ex. shuffle papers from one pile to another; N.
slurpronounce indistinctly; speak indistinctly; mumble
grandiloquent(of a person or speech) using high sounding or important-sounding language; pompous; bombastic
titillatetickle; excite pleasantly; Ex. not to titillate the audience but to enlighten it
paramourillicit lover
denouementfinal outcome; final development of the plot of a play or other literary work; the end of a story when everything is explained