GRE Word List


iridescent; lustrous; like an opal; N. opalescence

The meaning of the word opalescent is iridescent; lustrous; like an opal; N. opalescence.

Random words

guffawboisterous laughter; V.
flagdroop; grow feeble; decline in vigor or strength; ADJ. flagging; CF. unflagging
cavalcadeprocession of riders or horse-drawn carriages; parade; CF. cavalry
sagaScandinavian myth; any legend; long heroic narrative
propitiousfavorable; auspicious; advantageous; fortunate; Ex. propitious day/sign
acclimateadjust to climate or environment; adapt
slickmake smooth or glossy; N: smooth surface; Ex. oil slick; ADJ: smooth; glossy; deftly executed; adroit; glib
partitiondivide into parts
braveface courageously; Ex. brave the storm