GRE Word List


of, relating to, or characteristic of the world

The meaning of the word mundane is of, relating to, or characteristic of the world.

Random words

disgruntleto make ill-humored or discontented
contemptthe act of despising : the state of mind of one who despises : disdain
persevereto persist in a state, enterprise, or undertaking in spite of counterinfluences, opposition, or discouragement
remitto lay aside (a mood or disposition) partly or wholly
nominalof, relating to, or being a noun or a word or expression taking a noun construction
parochialof or relating to a church parish
philatelista specialist in philately : one who collects or studies stamps
pretendto give a false appearance of being, possessing, or performing
moratoriuma legally authorized period of delay in the performance of a legal obligation or the payment of a debt
perennialpresent at all seasons of the year