GRE Word List


obscure; profound; difficult to understand

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The meaning of the word abstruse is obscure; profound; difficult to understand.

Random words

ecstasyrapture; very strong feeling of joy and happiness; any overpowering emotion; ADJ. ecstatic: causing or experiencing ecstasy
noveltysomething new; newness; ADJ. novel: new; original
expositoryexplanatory; serving to explain; N. exposition: explaining; exhibition
scrapsleftover food
illusivedeceiving; based on illusion; causing illusion; deceptive
sticklerperfectionist; person who insists things be exactly right
plaitbraid; interwine; interweave strands or lengths of; make by weaving strands together; Ex. plaited hair; N: braided length as of hair o fabric; CF. pigtail, ponytail
motesmall speck (esp. of dust)
cognizanceknowledge; ADJ. cognizant; having knowledge; aware
benevolentgenerous; charitable; having a wish to do good