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GRE Word List


concerning trade or merchants

The meaning of the word mercantile is concerning trade or merchants.

Random words

falsifymake (something written) false by changing
bitingsharply painful to the body or mind; Ex. biting wind/remarks
inconsequentialinsignificant; unimportant
remonstrateprotest; objection; V. remonstrate: say in protest
besmirchsoil; defile; make dirty
anviliron block used in hammering out metals
hibernalwintry; wintery; of or like winter
defergive in respectfully; submit; delay till later; exempt temporarily; N. deferment; CF. show respect, comply with, courteous
obnoxiousoffensive; disagreeable; Ex. obnoxious smell
slewlarge quantity or number; Ex. slew of errands left