GRE Word List


relating to the back of an animal; Ex. dorsal fin

The meaning of the word dorsal is relating to the back of an animal; Ex. dorsal fin.

Random words

inimical(of someone) unfriendly; hostile; (of something) harmful; detrimental; CF. enemy
polarof a pole; characterized by opposite extremes; Ex. polar opposites
metaphorimplied comparison; CF. simile
sleeperone that achieves unexpected success; something originally of little value or importance that in time becomes very valuable
dodderingshaky; infirm from old age; V. dodder
contritepenitent; repentant; N. contrition
appraiseestimate value of; N. appraisal
diversediffering in some characteristics (from each other); various; N. diversity: variety; dissimilitude; lack of resemblance
derivativeunoriginal; obtained from another source; Ex. derivative prose style; N.