GRE Word List


abnormal; irregular

The meaning of the word anomalous is abnormal; irregular.

Random words

blithegay; joyous
behoovebe suited to; be incumbent upon; be right and necessary; Ex. It behooves one to do.
stoopbend forward and down; lower or debase oneself; fall to a lower standard of behavior by doing something; condescend; Ex. stoop to lying
scrapsleftover food
nihilistone who considers traditional beliefs to be groundless and existence meaningless; absolute skeptic; revolutionary terrorist; CF. nihilism: belief that nothing has meaning or value; belief that destruction of existing political or social institutions is necessary for future improvement
engageattract; employ; hire; pledge oneself; confront; fight; enter into confliction; interlock; lock together; participate; N. engagement: agreement to marry; arrangement to meet someone or to do something; battle
epistemologistphilosopher who studies the nature of knowledge; N. epistemology
veritablebeing truly so; real or genuine; actual; not false or imaginary
suffusespread through or over (with a color or liquid); charge; Ex. A blush suffused her cheeks.
actuatemotivate; activate; cause to act