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GRE Word List


spotless; flawless; absolutely clean

The meaning of the word immaculate is spotless; flawless; absolutely clean.

Random words

lustrousshining; brilliant; Ex. lustrous hair
profusiongreat amount; plenty; overabundance; excess; lavish expenditure; Ex. profusion of choices; ADJ. profuse: plentiful; copious; giving or given abundantly; extravagant
catapultslingshot; hurling machine; V: fire from catapult
ingraineddeeply established; firmly rooted; Ex. ingrained dirt/prejudice
urgentcompelling immediate action; pressing; persistent; importunate; Ex. urgent in his demands
terseconcise; abrupt; pithy
assurancefirm statement that something is certainly true; promise or pledge; certainty; confidence in one's own ability; self-confidence; Ex. In spite of all his assurances, he did not come back; Ex. assurance of his loyalty; Ex. The teacher lacked assurance in fron of his class; V. assure; tell firmly with confidence; ensure; make (something) certain to heappen; make (someone) feel sure; give confidence to; ADJ. assured: self-assured; confident in one's own ability; showing certainty
barefacedshameless and noticeable; blatant; bold; unconcealed; having no covering on the face; Ex. barefaced lie
figurativenot literal but metaphorical; using a figure(impression) of speech
compatibleharmonious; in harmony with; able to exist together