GRE Word List


text of an opera or oratorio; CF. book

The meaning of the word libretto is text of an opera or oratorio; CF. book.

Random words

augustimpressive; majestic
scourgelash; whip (formerly used for punishment); source of severe punishment; V: whip; afflict
ossifychange or harden into bone; become hard and unchanging in one's ideas
evokecall forth (memory or feeling); Ex. That old film evoked memories of my childhood; N. evocation
ethereallike a spirit or fairy; unearthly light; heavenly; unusually refined; Ex. She has an ethereal beauty; CF. ether: upper air
fetidmalodorous; foul
glareshine intensely and blindingly; stare fixedly and angrily; N.
braidplait; interweave strands or lengths of; make by weaving strands together; N: braided segment (as of hair)
dartmove or throw suddenly and quickly
churlishboorish; rude; N. churl: boor; yahoo