GRE Word List



The meaning of the word innocuous is harmless.

Random words

flighty(esp. of a woman's behavior) capricious; often changing, esp. from one lover to another; impulsive
patentobvious; easily seen; open for the public to read; of or protected by a patent; Ex. patent to everyone; N.
madrigalpastoral song; song for several singers without instruments
referendumdirect vote by all the people
askewcrookedly; slanted; at an angle
forbearancepatience; forgiveness; V. forbear: refrain from (in a generous and forgiving way); be patient; Ex. forbear to send him to prison
gentilitythose of gentle birth; high social class; refinement; quality of being genteel
mottobrief statement used to express a principle
clamberclimb by crawling with difficulties; scramble
promoteadvance in rank; advance; help to flourish; advocate; help actively in forming; publicize or popularize; Ex. Milk promotes health; Ex. promote a match/bill; Ex. promote a new product