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GRE Word List


pointed projecting part

The meaning of the word prong is pointed projecting part.

Random words

obstinatestubborn; hard to control or treat; Ex. obstinate cough; N. obstinacy
defiancerefusal to yield; resistance; V. defy; ADJ. defiant
mincingaffectedly dainty(delicate); V. mince: cut (esp. meat) into very small pieces; walk with exaggerated primness; walk in an unnatural way, taking little short steps; Ex. The actor minced across the stage; CF. mincemeat; CF. mincer
savorenjoy; have a distinctive flavor, smell, or quality; N: taste or smell; distinctive quality
temporizegain time as by postponing an action; avoid committing oneself
incontrovertibleindisputable; impossible to dispute; not open to question; unquestionable
begrudgeenvy; give or allow unwillingly; grudge; Ex. We shouldn't begrudge him his success.
palliateease pain (without curing); make less severe or offensive (a crime or illness)
obviatemake unnecessary; get rid of; Ex. obviate the need