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GRE Word List


bold; fearless

The meaning of the word dauntless is bold; fearless.

Random words

rampartdefensive mound of earth
scrimmagedisorderly fight between two or more people
confidanttrusted friend (to whom one tells one's secret)
finishedproperly made and complete; Ex. finished product/performance
badgerpester; annoy continually with demands; persuade by asking again and again; Ex. The children badgered me into taking them into the cinema; N: a kind of mountain animal
gentilitythose of gentle birth; high social class; refinement; quality of being genteel
browsegraze; feed on growing grass; skim or glance at casually
hotheadperson who does things too quickly without thinking; ADJ. hotheaded
fermentationchemical reaction that splits complex organic compounds; unrest; agitation
postureassume an affected pose; act artificially; N: pose; attitude