GRE Word List


languor; weariness; listlessness

The meaning of the word lassitude is languor; weariness; listlessness.

Random words

intimidatefrighten; N. intimidation
hoardstockpile; accumulate for future use; N: supply stored for future use
hirelingone who serves for hire (usually used contemptuously); one who works solely for compensation; Ex. hireling politician
beseechbeg; plead with
smatteringslight knowledge; small scattered number or amount; Ex. smattering of German
dichotomydivision into two opposite parts; split; branching into two parts (especially contradictory ones)
sectseparate religious body; faction; group of people with common beliefs within a larger group
stenchstrong foul odor; reek; stink
choirgroup of people who sing together (esp. during religious services); place for choir
agendaitems of business at a meeting