GRE Word List


to look or stare with sullen annoyance or anger

The meaning of the word glower is to look or stare with sullen annoyance or anger.

Random words

bizarrestrikingly out of the ordinary: such as
callowlacking adult sophistication : immature
agapewide open : gaping
ovationa ceremony attending the entering of Rome by a general who had won a victory of less importance than that for which a triumph was granted
repellentserving or tending to drive away or ward off
frugalitythe quality or state of being frugal : careful management of material resources and especially money : thrift
exposurethe fact or condition of being exposed: such as
salutaryproducing a beneficial effect : remedial
endearmenta word or an act (such as a caress) expressing affection
peremptoryputting an end to or precluding a right of action, debate, or delay