GRE Word List


happening at the same time; in agreement

The meaning of the word concurrent is happening at the same time; in agreement.

Random words

laggardslow; sluggish; N: one who lags; straggler
bemusedconfused; lost in thought; preoccupied
enterprisewillingness to take new ventures; initiative; business organization; plan (that is difficult or daring); Ex. their latest enterprise to sail round the world in a small boat
plauditpraise; enthusiastic approval; round(succession or series) of applause; ADJ. plauditory; CF. applaud
adorelove deeply and respect highly
flaccidflabby; lacking firmness; weak; Ex. flaccid muscles
metaphorimplied comparison; CF. simile
imperturbableunshakably calm; placid
insuperableinsurmountable; unbeatable; Ex. insuperable difficulties