GRE Word List


countercharges; V. recriminate

The meaning of the word recrimination is countercharges; V. recriminate.

Random words

quenchassuage or satisfy (thrust); slake; douse or extinguish; put out; suppress
submergeplace under water; dip; go under water; cover completely (as with water); Ex. submerged in work
elusiveevasive; not frank; baffling; hard to grasp, catch, or understand; V. elude: escape from; escape the understanding or grasp of; Ex. elude the hunter; Ex. His name eludes me.
idylliccharmingly carefree; simple and happy; Ex. idyllic scene
interdictprohibit; forbid; N.
historicimportant in history; Ex. historic battle
unkemptdisheveled; uncared for in appearance; not combed; CF. comb
touchingcausing a feeling of pity or sympathy; pathetic; V. touch: cause to feel pity or sympathy; ADJ. touched
fellcut or knock down (a tree or a person); bring down (with a missile)
reserveself-control; self-restraint; formal but distant manner; reticence; Ex. without reserve: freely and openly; ADJ. reserved: shy and uncommunicative