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GRE Word List


countercharges; V. recriminate

The meaning of the word recrimination is countercharges; V. recriminate.

Random words

paucityscarcity; dearth
lineagedescent; ancestry
carrionrotting flesh of a dead body; CF. vulture
ironicexpressing irony; occurring in an unexpected and contrary manner
stoutrather fat; strong in body; sturdy; resolute; determined; strong in determination; Ex. stout stick/supporter
reverenddeserving reverence; N: priest
disbanddissolve; disperse; (of a group) break up and separate; Ex. The club has disbanded.
equivocal(of words or statements) ambiguous; intentionally misleading; (of behavior) questionable; OP. unequivocal
canvassdetermine or seek opinions, votes, etc.; go through (a region) to solicit votes or orders; conduct a survey; N.
purgatoryplace of spiritual expiation; temporary state or place in which the souls must expiate their sins