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GRE Word List



The meaning of the word pillage is plunder.

Random words

cantodivision of a long poem
puddinghot sweet dish
daubsmear (as with paint); cover with something sticky; Ex. daub one's clothes with mud/paint; N: small bit of sticky substance; Ex. a daub of paint
sublimecausing deep feelings of wonder, joy, respect, etc.; exalted; noble and uplifting; utter
forlornsad and lonely; wretched; desolate
charmake or become black by burning; reduce or be reduced to carbon or charcoal(black substance made by burning wood) by incomplete combustion
pigmentcoloring matter (usually powder to be mixed with water or oil)
triviatrifles; unimportant matters
inherentfirmly established by nature or habit; intrinsic

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