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GRE Word List


mak less severe; ease or lessen (pain); satisfy (hunger); soothe (anger)

The meaning of the word assuage is mak less severe; ease or lessen (pain); satisfy (hunger); soothe (anger).

Random words

disquietudeuneasiness; anxiety; V. disquiet: make anxious
ultimatefinal; not susceptible to further analysis; fundamental; Ex. The sun is the ultimate source of energy.
immureimprison; shut up in confinement; CF. wall
foiblesmall weakness of character; slight fault; CF. feeble
kleptomaniacperson who has a compulsive desire to steal
lingerloiter or dawdle; be slow in leaving; delay going; continue or persist; be slow to disappear; Ex. The smell lingered for days.
devoteeenthusiastic follower; enthusiast; Ex. devotee of Bach
vulturecarrion-eating birds
nebuladiffuse mass of interstellar dust or gas; galaxy
mirageunreal reflection; optical illusion