GRE Word List


successful; rich; affluent; well-to-do; well-off

The meaning of the word prosperous is successful; rich; affluent; well-to-do; well-off.

Random words

jostleshove; bump; push against (someone) rather roughly; Ex. jostled by the crowds
scruplehesitate for ethical reasons; fret about; Ex. She did not scruple to read his diary; N: uneasy feeling arising from conscience; conscience
monogramdesign composed of one or more initials of a name; V.
menacethreat; V: threaten
bafflefrustrate; perplex
subsequentfollowing in time or order; later
intrinsicessential; inherent; built-in
sovereigntycomplete independence and self-government (of a country); supremacy of authority; power to govern
insinuatehint; imply; suggest indirectly; creep in; introduce or insert (oneself) by artful means; Ex. insinuate himself into the boss's favor; CF. ingratiate
pert(esp. of a girl or young woman) impertinent; forward; trim; jaunty; Ex. pert young miss/hat