GRE Word List


very small

The meaning of the word infinitesimal is very small.

Random words

providencequality of being provident; divine care; god's care; Providence: god; Ex. It seemed like providence that the doctor happened to be there; ADJ. providential: of divine providence; fortunate
entomologystudy of insects
squalorcondition of being squalid; filth; degradation; dirty neglected state; ADJ. squalid: dirty; sordid; morally repulsive; Ex. squalid story
exemplifyshow by example; furnish an example; serve as an example of; Ex. His pictures exemplify that sort of painting.
coalescecombine; fuse; N. coalescence
whorlring of leaves around stem; ring; circular arrangement; Ex. whorls on the fingers
confidenceself-assurance; calm unworried feeling based on a strong belief in one's abilities; strong belief in the ability of a person or plan; trust or faith in a person or thing; something confided; secret; Ex. confidence in your ability; Ex. I'm telling you this in confidence; Ex. exchange confidences about their boyfriends; ADJ. confident
stratumlayer of earth's surface; layer of society; PL. strata
missileobject to be thrown or projected