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GRE Word List


laugh quietly

The meaning of the word chuckle is laugh quietly.

Random words

gregarioussociable; (of an animal) tending to form a group
eminentrising above others; high; lofty; distinguished; Ex. eminent position
enfranchiseadmit to the rights of citizenship (especially the right to vote); CF. franchise
parallelsimilar; analogous; corresponding; N: parallel line; person or thing that is parallel (to another); similarity; Ex. know of no parallel to the case; Ex. without parallel; V: be similar to; make parallel; Ex. Your experience parallels mine; CF. unparalleled
suffocatedie or kill from lack of air; suppress
catharticpurgative; medicine that causes the bowels to empty; ADJ.
fundamentalbasic; primary; essential
plumppleasantly fat; nicely rounded
topplebecome unsteady and fall down
pacifistone opposed to force; antimilitarist; ADJ. N. pacifism: opposition to war as a means of resolving disputes