GRE Word List


cook by direct heat; N.

The meaning of the word broil is cook by direct heat; N..

Random words

surgepowerful movement of or like a wave; V.
prodigiousenormous; marvelous; extraordinary; Ex. prodigious amount/memory
correlationmutual relationship
documentprovide written evidence (for a claim); record with documents; N.
millenniumthousand-year period (as in the New Testament); hoped-for period of happiness and prosperity
wrenchtwist; pull; strain; Ex. He wrenched the gun out of her hands.
tumultcommotion of a great crowd; riot; noise; uproar; ADJ. tumultuous: noisy and disorderly
exorbitant(of costs or demands) excessive; exceeding reasonable bounds
missileobject to be thrown or projected
vertigosevere dizziness; giddiness