GRE Word List


improperness; unsuitableness

The meaning of the word impropriety is improperness; unsuitableness.

Random words

ordaindecree or command; grant holy orders; predestine; install as a minister, priest, or rabbi; N. ordainment; CF. ordination
scada great quantity; Ex. scads of clothes
piqueirritation; resentment from wounded pride (eg. loss in a contest); V: provoke; arouse; annoy; cause to feel resentment; Ex. pique her curiosity
impassivewithout feeling; expressionless; imperturbable; stoical; Ex. impassive face
choredaily domestic task (such as cleaning, cooking, and shopping); unpleasant task
opprobriuminfamy; disgrace arising from shameful conduct; vilification(slander); scorn; contempt; Ex. opprobrium hurled against him; ADJ. opprobrious: expressing contempt; shameful or infamous
boonblessing; benefit; something very helpful
enthrallcapture; enslave; captivate; hold the complete attention of (as if magic); hold spellbound
mortarvessel in which substances are crushed with a pestle
irrepressibleunable to be restrained or held back; impossible to hold back