GRE Word List


the northern constellation Ursa Minor

The meaning of the word cynosure is the northern constellation Ursa Minor.

Random words

detractiona lessening of reputation or esteem especially by envious, malicious, or petty criticism : belittling
gambita chess opening in which a player risks one or more pawns or a minor piece to gain an advantage in position
choreographythe art of symbolically representing dancing
eschewto avoid habitually especially on moral or practical grounds : shun
deterrentserving to discourage, prevent, or inhibit : serving to deter
palettea thin oval or rectangular board or tablet that a painter holds and mixes pigments on
draconianof, relating to, or characteristic of Draco or the severe code of laws held to have been framed by him
lionizeto treat as an object of great interest or importance
prosaiccharacteristic of prose as distinguished from poetry : factual